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Bone in Rib Roast

Bone in Rib Roast

2 or 3 rib roast about 2.5-3.5 lbs each.
$16.00 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

A bone in rib roast is a wonderful holiday roast. The rib roast, with its generous marbling and rich, beefy flavor, is very tender and juicy. It is a favorite roast to serve for special occasions.

The rib roast is a cut of beef from the primal rib section. While the entire rib section is comprised of 6 ribs, a standing rib roast may contain anywhere from two to seven ribs depending on the amount of servings you need.

Roasting a boneless rib roast is easier than you think as you won't have to carve around the bones. You just need a roasting pan with a rack to make a boneless rib roast.

You could figure about 3/4 lb per person.

How to Season and Roast a Boneless Rib Roast:

Season a boneless rib roast generously with a mixture of salt and pepper the day before you plan to roast it. Place the rib roast on the rack in the roasting pan and place in the refrigerator, uncovered, overnight. This will allow the outside of the rib roast to dry thoroughly which will help the exterior crisp up more when seared. A crispy outside adds lots of flavor to the rib roast.

Although salt and pepper is really all you need to season the rib roast, adding fresh herbs and garlic makes it extra special. Just before roasting the rib roast, mix two tablespoons of ghee (or olive oil), some freshly minced garlic, and fresh herbs, such as thyme leaves, together to make a paste mixture to rub on the roast. This coats the roast with a delicious garlic thyme crust. NOTE: You can substitute 1/2 tablespoon garlic powder in place of the freshly minced garlic if you prefer.

It's the EASIEST way to make a boneless rib roast! The traditional roasting method starts with a very hot, 450° to 500°F oven to sear the roast and then you reduce the heat to 325°F and cook the roast until it reaches your desired degree of doneness.

About our beef:

Our herd of cattle is made up mostly of Belted Galloway cows (aka Oreo Cows). 

This breed of cow produces exceptionally lean and flavorful meat.

The cows at POP Acres spend their days out on fertile pastures happily grazing on fresh grass and foraging for wild edibles.

The cows are also supplemented with minerals, salts, kelp, molasses, and alfalfa pellets.

All that grass-fed goodness is found in our delicious and nutrient dense grass-fed beef.