From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised meats and eggs add delicious taste to healthy eating.

Our Farm's Story

P.O.P. Acres is home to approximately 40 cows, mostly Belted Galloway (Oreo Cows), dozens of laying hens, grass, and beautiful vistas.  

Our pastures are increasingly fertile - a long process of manure, mowing, and grass seeding.  We use no chemical fertilizers.  While not certified organic, we believe that organic foods are the best for ourselves and, therefore, the best for our animals.  Making the transition to organic foods requires diligent effort, as not all menu ingredients are organically readily available. 

To fill some of that void, we are increasing our diversity with seasonal production of pastured broiler chickens and turkeys.  We are installing field fences to accommodate sheep and goats alongside our cows and poultry.  We are building a unique alley way around the perimeter of our forty acres that will be home to perennial fruit vines - blackberries, and grapes.  And we are planting pecan trees in the pasture this winter for a future food crop, as well as, shade for the animals.  

 As we grow, we hope you will grow with us - turning to fresh, clean foods that benefit our family and yours.

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