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From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised meats and eggs add delicious taste to healthy eating.

Our Farm's Story

P.O.P. Acres is home to a small herd of Angus/Wagyu cross cows and bulls, broiler chickens, and dozens of laying hens. 

Our pastures are increasingly fertile - a long process of manure, mowing, and grass seeding. We use no chemical fertilizers.               

Our cattle are raised on grass, plus hay, minerals and non-gmo alfalfa pellets. They are free of mRNA vaccinations. 

A large portion of our product offerings are pastured broiler chickens (and sometimes turkeys) and eggs.  We raise all our poultry in unique "sleds" that are moved through our pastures.  Besides pastures, our poultry have access to non-gmo non-soy feed.

As we grow, we hope you will grow with us - turning to fresh, clean foods that benefit our family and yours.

Featured Posts

July 20, 2023
The Marvelous World of Chicken: A Tale of Health and Flavor. Chicken, the delectable poultry, has long been a staple in various cuisines worldwide. Its versatility, succulence, and numerous health benefits make it a preferred choice for many. Today, we delve into the realm of "Chicken" and explore the remarkable attributes of "Non GMO chicken", "No soy chicken", and "Gluten-free chicken" among other captivating aspects.