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Pastured Chicken: Bones

All natural, free-range, nutritious chicken... yum!

The hens here at P.O.P Acres spend their days out on pasture doing what chickens do best pecking, scratching, and foraging for tasty things to eat!

Our Laying hens are 100% free-range, out on open pastures during the day, and safely sheltered at night.
Our broiler hens are sheltered in mobile coops on pasture, and they are moved to fresh grazing every 1-2 days.

NO antibiotics. NO drugs. No soy. No GMOs.

Chicken Soup Bones

3 or 4 Chicken Bone Backs for Broths or Stews. 3-4.5 lbs per pkg.5

Chicken Feet - 1 lb

For rich gelatinous broth or crispy treats!
$2.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.