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Priceless Soup Stock Ingredients in a Box 12+ Lb

Priceless Soup Stock Ingredients in a Box 12+ Lb

4 Packs of Chicken Soup Bones at the Ready for Easy Nutritious Soup Stock

Each Pack weighs about 3.5 LBS and contains 3 Chicken Frames with bits of chicken attached 

BONUS: We include one package of beef marrow bones (subject to availability) and one package of chicken feet for variety.   

Simmer these bones for hours adding your favorite herbs, spices , rice, lentils and/or garden veggies for a satisfying drink or soup. 



Just chicken raised on pasture and fed a nutrient dense non-GMO, non-soy, non-corn feed that is milo/peanut meal based and fortified with minerals and amino acids. FYI - our birds receive no vaccines, antibiotics or hormones. Our chickens are processed and packaged in a USDA inspected facility. Our beef bones are grass fed only. Same care as our chickens.