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Pasture Raised Beef & Chicken

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Easy. Convenient. Sustainable. Budget-Friendly.

It can be a challenge to eat really well on a budget.

That's why we offer bundle deals and smaller pack sizes.

And, most of our cuts are boneless and skinless.

Time is limited. Shopping and cooking should be convenient.

That's why pick-up with P.O.P. Acres is easy and convenient.

And, I love giving customers info about fast meals.

Your food choices have an impact on the environment.

Our farm follows sustainable farming practices.

For everything we take, we make sure to add it back plus some!

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Feedback From Our Customers

...covered them (ribeyes) with soy sauce in Ziploc bags. Let them marinate...then we barbecued them over mesquite wood. Oh my! They were fabulous!
Mary L. - Cedar Hill, TX
Cooked the roast for Christmas. Delicious! Thanks. I'll be ordering again.
John D. - Corsicana, TX
Talking about the Pastured Chicken Halves: 'I forgot to salt and pepper because I was so surprised about the size and it had a wonderful flavor with out it! It was juicy and light. We loved it!
Nancyann - Corsicana, TX
I have been ordering for six years. The service is prompt (I love good service). My guests loved the beef and chicken cuts (it is so nice to have happy, well-fed guests).
Happy Customer - Corsicana, TX
Meeting Jackie King of POP Acres was like meeting an old friend and driving 150 miles round trip was worth every mile after we tasted the pastured chicken and beef! The flavor doesn't compare to anything else! I made a batch of bone broth with chicken feet and it turned out very gelatinous and tastes better than any I've ever made and I know is filled with healing benefits! I highly recommend Jackie King's POP Acres.
Diane Coe - Palestine, TX
We are thoroughly enjoying our foods and are so pleased with the quality. It has been an ambition of ours to support local farmers and to invest in our health by consuming better quality proteins. We are very grateful for you and for P.O.P Acres! Thanks for adding us to the email list!
Zoe Gonzales - Dallas, TX
In 2014 we purchased a top round roast. It came vacuum sealed. We put it in the deep freeze. This year (2019) we cooked it. The roast was wonderful! Tasty, tender, juicy! Just shows what good packaging will do! Nice job! Thank you!
Happy Customer - Angus, TX

About Our Farm

P.O.P. Acres is a small farm in Navarro County, Texas.
Our farm is a healing farm. We practice regenerative farming so we can take good care of the land, the animals, and your health!

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