Redmond Conditioner OMRI

Redmond Conditioner OMRI

50 lb Bag (price for 20-39 bags)
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  • •For Chickens, Goats, Pigs/Swine, Horses, Turkeys, Cattle, Ducks, Geese, Sheep, Llamas
    •Anti-Caking and Pelleting Aid for Livestock Feeds and Minerals
    •Absorbs Toxins and Helps Eliminate Odors in Stalls
    •Improves Feed Conversion

Designed for use in all classes of livestock, Redmond Conditioner is an OMRI listed montmorillonite clay product.

With over 50 natural minerals, Redmond Conditioner is a beneficial additive* to any feed ration to help control moisture content and improve digestibility of nutrients. 

Redmond Conditioner can also be added to livestock stalls to help absorb toxins and odors, keeping animals happy and healthy.

*One way to supplement, is to mix Alfalfa Pellets with Redmond ConditionerDiatomaceous EarthThorvin KelpRedmond Salt Selenium 90, and liquid molasses. The molasses sticks the minerals to the Alfalfa Pellets, just like “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  Cattle love this every-other-day nutritional mineral treat.

What does Redmond Agriculture have to say about their Conditioner:


Montmorrilonite Clay