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Mountain Gate Organics Earthworm Castings

Mountain Gate Organics Earthworm Castings

25 lb Bag (price for 1-19 bags)
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  • •Indoor and Outdoor Use
    •OMRI Listed
    •Naturally Helps to Produce Vigorous Plants with Disease and Insect Resistance
    •Non Toxic
    •Odor Free

Worm castings are rich in microorganisms which add nutrients to the soil. Nutrient rich soils promote vigorous plant growth, vibrant color, increased crop yield, improved drainage, increased water retention, and the ability to ward off pests, fungus, and other diseases.

Mountain Gate Organics Earthworms are fed an organic, plant-based diet to ensure their castings do not contain pathogens that could be transmitted from the host to the plants.


Organic Earthworm Castings

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