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NCO Alfalfa Meal

NCO Alfalfa Meal

50 lb Bag
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  • For Plants (as a fertilizer) or Animals (as a feed ration)
  • Replenish & Condition Soil
  • Rejuvenate Pastures
  • Supplement Feed Rations
  •  Rich in Minerals, Micro Nutrients, and Protein (approximate 16% protein)
  • Organic, All Natural Fertilizer (approximate N-P-K of 3-2-2)

Dehydrated organic Alfalfa Meal is ideal as a soil amendment for depleted pastures or gardens, as it increases microbial activity in the soil.

Alfalfa Meal can also be used in mixed feed rations.

The typical analysis provides a range of minerals including calcium, nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and sulfur. 

Alfalfa also contains triacontanol, a naturally occurring growth hormone that boosts plant growth.


Certified Organic Dehydrated Alfalfa