Thorvin Kelp

Thorvin Kelp

50 lb Bag (price for 20-39 bags)
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  • •For Chickens, Goats, Pigs/Swine, Horses, Turkeys, Cattle, Ducks, Geese, Sheep, Llamas
    •Highest Quality
  • •Certified Organic Icelandic Kelp
  • •Animal Feed
    •Soil Amendment
    •Dried by the Geothermal Heat on Iceland

Healthy animals require a balanced diet, including many vitamins and minerals not found in today’s forages or feeds.  For animal feeding programs, average intake levels on a free choice basis (per head per day) are as follows:

  • •Beef & Dairy Cattle: 1 to 4 oz
    •Heifers & Calves: 1/2 - 2 oz
    •Goats: 1/4 - 1/2 oz
    •Horses: 1/4 oz
    •Sheep: 1/4 - 1/2 oz
    •Dogs: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per animal per day
    •Cats: 1/4 teaspoon per animal per day
    •Poultry: 1% of feed ration top dressed
    •Swine: 1% of feed ration top dressed

Kelp is a valuable renewable resource for animal health. Kelp concentrates the nutritious minerals dissolved in ocean water into a complex natural food supplement containing over 60 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in a readily available form, including iodine. Absorbable iodine, deficient in many soils, grasses and feeds, is essential for healthy thyroid function.

Kelp contains a range of minerals and vitamins often deficient in soils and feed and has a broad array of uses in agriculture and product formulations.  For fertilizer/agricultural applications, general recommendations are as follows:

  • •200 - 500 lbs:  Broadcast per acre 
    •200 - 500 lbs:  In the row per acre 
    •10 lbs - 30 lbs:  Per 1000 sq. ft. of garden 
    •10 lbs - 20 lbs:  Per ton of compost
  • •1 teaspoon:  Per 6 inch pot for houseplants

Kelps are among the most useful species of seaweeds. The most valuable kelps grow in cold, mineral-rich waters and grow more slowly. These kelps collect minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other beneficial bioactive properties. Thorvin carefully captures and preserves these nutrients using the most effective drying and storing methods in order to deliver the most consistently effective products derived from these kelps. Thorvin requires superior selection, management, harvesting and processing to meet its standards.


Certified Organic Icelandic Kelp