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1/2 Lb Chicken Tenders

1/2 Lb Chicken Tenders

About 1/2 lb of delicate strips of breast meat - boneless and skinless - 8/Pkg
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$17.50 /lb.
$18.50 /lb.
Avg. 8 oz.

What exactly is a chicken tenderloin?

The tenderloin comes from the inner most side of the chicken breast.

It is in fact its own muscle and has its own taste a texture that differs slightly from the chicken breast.

Its name says it all, the chicken tenderloin is...tender!

These are delicious battered, coated, and pan fried for some crispy crunchy chicken fingers!

About our chicken:

Our chickens are pasture raised and supplemented with soy-free, gmo-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free grains.

They are raised on grass in a protective mobile chicken coop that is moved to fresh grass every 2-3 days.