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Heart - Sliced

Heart - Sliced

Sold by the slice
$5.00 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

The key to cooking heart is all in the preparation!

The heart can feel intimidating to prepare and cook, but with just a little work you are sure to be in for a special meal! 

Beef heart packs some big nutritional benefits as a source rich in B-vitamins, selenium, zinc, and iron. Look at it as any other muscle, just like any other cut of steak, the heart muscle is just more dense and very lean. 

Because beef heart is so lean, is best cooked by searing or braising to about medium-rare. 

How to prepare:

Step 1: Remove ventricles from the top portion and trim the outer fat.

Step 2: The septum runs down the center and the ventricles are on either side. You want to cut along the side of the septum to remove the muscle tissue that you will save for cooking. 

*quick tip: You will likely find some stringy connective tissue on the inside of the muscle. You can remove these and clean up the muscle as desired. Some say this is where the term "your pulling on my heartstrings" comes from!

Step 3: Continue to cut the rest of the meat into your desired portion size. Trim and clean the meat by removing excess connective tissue. A sort of spiderweb texture is normal on the backside of the cut, no need to remove that. 

Step 4: At this point, you can slice the cleaned and prepared portions of beef heart however you choose. I suggest slicing them thin then toss them with some butter or ghee, salt, and pepper, and throw them into a very hot pan. Saute the slices for 2 to 3 minutes per side, depending on the thickness. Since the muscle is so lean, cook it until rare to medium-rare.

If you are looking to get creative in the kitchen give beef heart a try!

*Comes frozen and individually vacuum sealed.

About our beef:

Our herd of cattle is made up mostly of Belted Galloway cows (aka Oreo Cows). 

This breed of cow produces exceptionally lean and flavorful meat.

The cows at POP Acres spend their days out on fertile pastures happily grazing on fresh grass and foraging for wild edibles.

All that grass-fed goodness is found in our delicious and nutrient dense grass-fed beef.