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All Star 40 Lbs Chicken

All Star 40 Lbs Chicken

40 Lbs of our Finest Cuts & Free Shipping!

If delicious, nutritious chicken and convenient size packaging are what you want, we got it! 40 Lbs of frozen cuts for you in a recyclable box delivered right to your door!


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You can have a meal on the table in minutes! Pick your protein!

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A 40 Lb curated box of individually packaged cuts like boneless breast, legs, thighs, leg/thigh quarters, or buffalo wings await your order. We honor the whole bird! 

  1. boneless breast - 15 (2-pack) pkgs - about 13-15 Lbs
  2. chicken tenderloins - about 4 Lbs
  3. legs OR thighs OR leg/thigh quarters - about 16 lbs
  4. buffalo wings - about 4.5 Lbs



Just chicken raised on pasture and fed a nutrient dense non-GMO, non-soy, non-corn feed that is milo/peanut meal based and fortified with minerals and amino acids. FYI - our birds receive no vaccines, antibiotics or hormones. Our chickens are processed and packaged in a USDA inspected facility.