New Beginnings

August 25, 2019

Hi, there! Welcome to our new Blog 2019. Looking forward to getting to know you.  This year is the start of a great new year. In my opinion, it is never too late to change course in your eating choices. First, you may have discovered food affects many aspects of your life - mood, energy, overall health, joy, clothes, sports...

Okay - you have decided to change course in the way you are eating - because you have to or want to - doesn't matter.  Making the decision is the first step - a good one.  The next step is the mind bender - changing your whole life to put YOU and/or your family first ahead of schedules, meetings, long commutes, hungry kids with homework - you get the picture.

As Dr. Sherry A. Rogers MD once wrote: "You are what you ate!" If your physical self is not satisfactory, make a change - a little one at first.  Foods made from scratch and eaten fresh or stored for later consumption is often the better choice for the long run.

Step 1: Recognize the difference between commercially processed, ready-to-eat foods and unprocessed foods. All restaurants aside, let's check your food pantry, frig and freezer.  Are your foods canned, frozen, bottled, bagged? You might have a lot of processed foods on the shelf. 

Step 2:    Make a decision to start eating fresh and natural foods.  Consider donating your processed foods that are still in date. Stock up on essential items for your new beginning - pink salt, spices, coconut oil, palm oil, nut flours, pastured butter....

Step 3:   Commit to eating at home. Bypass the fast food drive-thru.  Don't use your phone app to have pizza delivered as you drive up to your door.

Step 4:  List what you and your family like to eat - your favorite foods.  Make those foods simple ones with as few ingredients as possible.  Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner.

Step 5:  Check your supplies. Make a list for one week's worth of meals and snacks.  Shop for missing items. 

Step 6:  The first two weeks will be the hardest because you are breaking old habits. Prepare your first meals ahead of time - especially if you have to get the kiddos to school early before you start your commute to work.

Step 7:  Oh, I forgot to mention to inventory your appliances:  toaster oven, blender, smoothie maker, oven, frig, freezer.  [Try to gift your microwave. It is really not good for drinks, soups, warm-ups, or cooking frozen bags of veggies.]

Step 8:  Don't be hard on yourself. Expect chaos the first two weeks as everyone settles into a delicious new routine.You can do this. I am here to help.  All I have to offer is my own hard learned experience.  You and your family will benefit greatly from this new road to health and adventure!

Blessings to you. And Joy. And Peace.

Jackie at P.O.P. Acres

Jacklyn King
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