Good Health Starts With Good Foods

September 22, 2019

A Path to Healing

Our health is precious. We don't miss it until we miss it.  How did we get into this pickle?  How do we get out of it?  As one great health writer, Dr. Sherry A. Rogers MD, once wrote: "You are what you ate."  The human body is a miraculous creation - motivated to improve - given the chance. 

Where Do We Start?

​Start at the beginning.  Enjoy healthy foods. Enjoy life!  Take time to laugh. Think good thoughts.  If we are what we ate, then maybe we can become what we now choose to eat.

Seek Clean, Nutritious Foods

​The simplest step toward better health is to find and consume nutritious foods. Nutrition and a peaceful spirit are important.  Within reach are farmers with naturally good foods - foods that help restore us to healthier, happier selves.  Overwhelming evidence supports your next step to wellness!

Jacklyn King

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