Taster's Bundle:  Stew and Chili Bundle

Taster's Bundle: Stew and Chili Bundle

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Variety is the key.  You are ready for anything with this economical assortment.  A stew chicken for broth soups, stew meat for rice and noodle dishes, a roast for pull-a-part sandwiches and ground beef for spaghetti dinners as examples!  Check out our What's Cookin'? recipe page for creative culinary inspiration. (Got an inspiration of your own?  Send it to us.  We would be happy to add it to our recipe page.)

This Bundle Includes:

1 Beef Stew Meat (Ave 1#)

1 Stew Chicken (Ave 3#)

1 Beef Chuck Roast Petite (Ave 2.14#)

2 Beef Ground (Ave 2#)