Taster's Bundle: Odd Ingredients Bundle

Taster's Bundle: Odd Ingredients Bundle

Delightful Ingredients for Your Fascinating Recipes!
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This Bundle has the makings of delectable dishes - beef kabob, beef tenderloin tails, beef liver, beef brisket --Yumm!  You can't go wrong!  Check out our What's Cookin'? recipe page for creative culinary inspiration. (Got an inspiration of your own?  Send it to us.  We would be happy to add it to our recipe page.)

This Bundle Includes:

1 Beef Kabob (Ave 1#)

1 Beef Liver - Cut Medium (Ave 1.3#)

1 Beef Brisket - Point (Ave 2.2#)

1 Beef Tenderloin Tails (Ave .713#)