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Source Eleven Dry Humates

50 lb Bag
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  • •Increases Soil Nutrient Holding Capacity
  • •Increases Water Holding Capacity
  • •Improves Soil Structure
  • •Improves Soil Biological Activity
  • •Boosts Nutrient Uptake and Yield

Made from North Dakota Leonardite, the purest form of natural humic acids known in the world. Source Eleven is screened so 99% passes 11 mesh and is dried to 21-26% moisture.

Humates help to relieve plant stress. The natural biostimulants found in Source Eleven Dry Humates help improve the availability of nutrients in the soil, particularly phosphorus and micronutrients. 

By applying humates, the workability of problem soils is improved, and weak areas in a field become less noticeable.

Source Eleven Dry Humates enhance any crops' ability to absorb nutrients and resist stress, especially in marginal soils, resulting in faster growth and higher yields. 

Reference their website certificate which states:

  • "Leonardite Products' SourceTM line, Source Natural, Source Crushed, Source Coarse, Source 11 and Source 14, is made from a
    brown oxidized lignite coal, known as Leonardite. It is completely organic in nature.
  • Source is mined from virgin prairie in five-acre sections approximately twenty feet deep. Leonardite Products' mines near
    Williston, North Dakota are unique due to the fact the Leonardite in this location occurs between layers of clay preventing other
    minerals and impurities from leeching into the Leonardite.
  • Processed Leonardite is dried, crushed and/or screened. Drying is accomplished by the sun or through a drum mixer using
    natural gas regulated to an average of 168°Fahrenheit (75°Celsius) so as not to harm the effective micro-organisms that provide
    the benefits of Source.
  • Sizing Source is accomplished with three decks of vibrating stainless steel screens. Crushing is done in a 24 x 24 inch double
    router primary crusher with 1/2-inch grates. No other materials are dried or screened on this equipment."

How To Apply:  Apply as a soil amendment or mixed with fertilizer.  Recommended application rate is 40 to 80 pounds per acre when added to a bulk blended fertilizer activator. For broadcast, apply 50 to 200 pounds per acre applied straight and then cultivated into the soil.


Source Eleven Leonardite