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Milleniumsoils 100% Organic Coir

Milleniumsoils 100% Organic Coir

11 lb Block
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  • •Coconut Husk for Improving Water Holding Capacity, Strong Root Growth, and Plant Vigor in Soils
    •Reduces Water Frequency Without Plant Stress
    •100% organic, bio-degradable growing medium
    •Natural, renewable resource
    •Near neutral pH
    •High lignin levels allows for high water holding capacity, and no shrinkage
  • •Promotes strong root growth and plant vigor
    •Hydrophilic which allows for easy re-wetting
    •No wetting agents required
    •Reduces water frequency without plant stress
    •Increases shelf life of plants
    •Slow degradation
    •Maintains water to air ratio at optimal levels
    •High buffer capacity
    •High CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

Ideal for hydroponic vegetable and flower production, potted plant production, mushroom production, and as a soil amendment.

Coconut Coir is a natural, renewable resource that stimulates plant growth and improves soil tilth.

Coir helps decrease the amount of water needed, as well as, maintaining excellent aeration in the soil. This helps reduce labour costs and minimizes plant loss. 

Rich in natural nutrients, coir can also be used to help maintain a more neutral pH in the soil. 

Preparation for use: Each block or bale will expand approximately 5 times when wetted, yielding nearly 2.5 cubic feet.


Sri Lanka Coconut Husk