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What Are Pick-Up Locations & How Do They Work?

A Pick-Up Location (a.k.a. Order Delivery Location) is the place where the P.O.P. Acres Farm & Ranch representative will bring your order and deliver it to you.

Once your order has been placed, processed, and packaged for delivery you will receive an email notification stating the day, date, time, and location where your order will be delivered.

Since all P.O.P. Acres meats are frozen at the time of processing, and since Texas is a hot place during the summer months, it is imperative that you be on time to meet the delivery person.  If, for some unforeseen reason, you cannot keep your scheduled delivery appointment, please send an email to and/or call 903-229-7505 and ask for Jackie.  Your credit card will be charged a $25.00 restocking fee if you do not keep the scheduled delivery appointment.

Delivery/Handling Fee

All orders, regardless of the size of the order, are charged a flat $9.00 delivery/handling fee.  If you pick up your order at P.O.P. Acres Farm & Ranch in Purdon, TX there is no delivery/handling fee.

Pick-Up Locations

Click here to see current Pick-Up Locations.

If you do not see a Pick-Up Location that is convenient for you, please send an email to with your name, phone number, and the Pick-Up Location you would like to see added to our routes.  A P.O.P. Acres representative will get back with you to discuss the possibility of creating a new Pick-Up Location.  Thank you for letting us know what would work best for you and helping us to serve our surrounding communities better!