Fall Holidays Are Coming. Fill your Freezer Now.


June 29, 2021

I am looking outside my office window right now and watching rain clouds roll in - in late June! From last year to today has been a roller coaster for perhaps all of us. You might notice how nice our herd is looking today. We still have plenty of grass - thanks in part to the chickens' scratching and fertilizing.

Life happens. How we make it through is a testimony of our grit. I think we all have a lot of it. As far as I know you and I are all still here. We are the generations that persevere in spite of - anything and everything. Bravo! As for our farm - we are in good shape.

We have beef in the freezer for sale. We are finding buyers for some of our cows and steers to lighten the pasture load. We are raising a new flock of layers. This fall we will launch through the pastures our improved meat chicken pens and layer pens - all on sleds. Our farm friends are ordering organic products from us for their grass fed animals. Our herd is healthy and fat. I and my neighbors and family are healthy and robust! Yayyyy!

I am optimistic that we will all be fine if we work hard, be wise, be good to ourselves, help others, and give generously.

Be grateful for each day and say "thanks" to the One who created it. Never give up. Trust in Jesus. We don't know what tomorrow will bring but that is okay. Tomorrow might be amazing. I can't wait to find out.! Blessings! 

Jacklyn King

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