This is Egg Season!

Oh! Those Eggs!

October 6, 2019

You have FRONT ROW SEATING for the daily flight stampede!   

Each morning our layers await the doors to open after a secure night in our new egg-mobile! From this moment until dusk, they spend their time on pasture and in the bushes and just everywhere! They are not confined during the day. Try catching them after they leave the roost! And they put themselves to bed. 

The point is that you have some of the best eggs money can buy. Our chickens are out on grass. They also receive a soy-free, gmo-free, and corn-free ration - always available inside their egg-mobile.  Compare their bright yellow yolks to store-bought eggs and study the difference in production methods.  Rest assured, at P.O.P Acres you have access to great eggs for morning, noon and nightly egg-so-licious meals!   

Contact us for ways to receive food (yes, we deliver...or you can come to the farm).  Start your day with the benefits of a healthy meal you and your family will enjoy!

Jacklyn King

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