This is Egg Season!

Making Way for Spring Grasses

January 13, 2020

This is a windy, cool mid-January day. This is all part of the plan for our farm's pasture restoration. You might think this is boring information but the plan affects your food from P.O.P. Acres directly.

We are burning large piles of dried out trees. But the ashes will not go to waste. When the piles have cooled down, we are going to spread the ashes to fertilize the soil before Spring.

Months ago our pastures were filled with hundreds of mesquite trees. Yes such a tree is a legume but it shades the pasture - limiting sunlight and nutrition for grasses. These trees also stood in the way of running hot wire and water lines that would divide the pastures into sections. Now our pastures have lots of sunshine and our sleeping grasses and newly planted grass seed will benefit from the wood ashes.

Our farm is becoming less dependent on purchased hay. This next Spring we plan to begin moving our cattle from cell to cell. Their feet will till the soil. They will provide additional fertilizer and moisture as they chomp their way through new grass. Can't wait until Spring! J.

Jacklyn King

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