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Where Does Lean Beef Come From?

February 18, 2020

Does lean beef have to come from worn out cows? Not necessarily. And can fat-marbled cuts and lean cuts come from the same cow? It seems so. Our herd of grade cows is significantly influenced by a Belted Galloway bull - affectionately called a Beltie or Oreo - ones with white belts in the middle.

We like Belties - a very old breed originally from Scotland. Their size suits the amount of pasture land we own. They look different - striking on a green or frosted pasture. They are hardy. They are mild-mannered and polled (no horns).  They produce a lot of beef for their size and exhibit certain unique qualities.

Because Belties have a double layer of thick fur, it has been noted that because Belties " not rely on heavy layers of fat for warmth...the Beltie is known for ...exceptionally lean and flavorful great demand in the health-conscious world of today."

From the same cow, we have noticed marbled roasts and steaks, lean brisket and ground beef.  Customer experience is tender, juicy recipes of many varieties.  Homemade corned beef, tender steaks and filet, Italian sauces, and tacos with ground beef have been shared with us. And the darker red color of the meat lends visual appeal, as well.  And the cow in question was not older than seven years old.

We plan to continue to infuse our herd genetics with Belties. Who knows? We may someday have a full blood Beltie herd! Bon Appetit!

Jacklyn King

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