Farm Community Through The Window

August 30, 2019

This Labor Day weekend is off to a good start.  We were blessed with a much needed rain. Farm animals often provide us with memorable moments. Late this morning I was watching the cows under some trees. Two of them popped up from resting and peered across the pasture. I followed their gaze.  Across the football size pasture came their new little ones - all by themselves - like a three year old holding hands with a two year old trotting for mama.  Mamas went out to meet them and brought them to the herd. Those little ones were thirsty! Tonight I saw that the chickens were roosting in our new home-made egg-mobile. Well, two of our turkeys wanted to roost on the chicken sized roosts, too.  I went out there to close the doors. I watched one turkey attempt to climb the roost. It kept trying to move to higher and higher rungs - creating a ruckus among the chickens. And the rungs were too small for the turkey's large legs so I had to shoosh her down and out of the egg-mobile before she hurt herself.  She accepted that she had to go to her hut for protection for the evening.  They are easier to herd than cats.  A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Jacklyn King

New Beginnings

Aug 25th, 2019