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China, Chicken and the Coronavirus

February 24, 2020

In November 2019 China lifted its U.S. poultry ban. The Chinese are in need of protein.  The Chinese need poultry - whether it comes from the U.S. or elsewhere. One of the world's meat conglomerates, Cargill, owns one of the four Chinese poultry processing facilities approved by the USDA to export cooked chicken to the U.S.  Big business will broker exports of U.S. chicken to China.  Should Chinese chicken become price competitive here, our own economy could be affected. This trade deal is not necessarily a win-win. American poultry producers will take all the risk of bringing chicken to the dock whereas, the Cargill's of the world will keep increased export and import income.

Another issue will be the safety of the food coming in from China.  Some think the imports will pose serious risks to consumers and public health. An event occurred recently where Congress eliminated the Country of Origin label on our foods.  So, what to do?

Pastured poultry producers like myself, know how our chickens are raised. We know where we take them to be processed. We also know you, our friends, and family.  We rely on you for our livelihood. Please support your local farmer.  "Know your farmer" is not just a cliche. It is a prudent action taken by all of us to participate in food safety and goodness. P.O.P. Acres would like to be your source of healthy, nutritious meats and eggs!

Have a wonderful day. I think Spring is here!

Jacklyn King

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