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A Healing Place

A small farm in Navarro County, Texas.
We practice regenerative farming so we can take good care of the land, the animals, and your health!

Our Farming Practices

Dear Customer,

I started farming in 2001, because my husband and I have ancestors in farming endeavors. It must have been in our blood, yet we both worked as accountants in Dallas!

P.O.P. Acres got its name from the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Carrollton, Texas. Honoring our God from which all blessings flow, we coined the name P.O.P. Acres. It stuck! It serves as a reminder to me to be good to our farm friends and our farm critters, to be honest, to be a servant, and to offer foods that meet people's needs.

The pastures become more and more fertile year after year. I love watching the results of the naturally long process of manure, mowing, and grass seeding, never using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. 

P.O.P. Acres is home to approximately 40 cows (mostly Belted Galloway AKA Oreo Cows), broiler chickens, dozens of laying hens, grass, and beautiful vistas. Most of the animals are born and raised on the farm.

I have big plans for the future. We are building a unique alley way around the perimeter of the property that will be home to perennial fruit vines - blackberries, and grapes. 

When people visit the farm, they describe it as a place for healing. Feeling your feet in the pasture, listening to the wind in the tree, breathing the fresh air. It makes you feel good.

As we grow, we hope you will grow with us - turning to fresh, clean foods that benefit our family and yours.

With love,

Jackie King, Your Farmer

How Our Animals Live


The cows live at pasture all year round. The fields love their nutrient-rich manure!

The cows are never fed grain. The farmer believes that healthy, happy ruminant animals require grass, hay, minerals and organic alfalfa pellets.


The chickens live in unique mobile coops (AKA "sleds"). They are moved regularly through our pastures.

This gives the chickens lots to forage for, and it also provides great fertilizer for the pastures. They are also fed an organic soy-free feed.

"We cannot adjust the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

Dolly Parton